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Free to Compete is designed to educate consumers on the invaluable role competition plays in bringing innovative technologies and services to the marketplace. The website enables visitors to reach out to their representatives in Congress and voice their support for the preservation of a vibrant competitive communications marketplace. COMPTEL, the leading industry association representing competitive communications service providers and their supplier partners, took the reigns of Free to Compete from Vonage in the Fall of 2007. Vonage launched the website in the Spring of 2007 to address anti-competitive trends in the industry. The website has already received more than 80,000 visits.

“We are excited to assume leadership of this dynamic and effective website, and we thank COMPTEL member Vonage for providing us with this opportunity,” said COMPTEL President and CEO Jerry James. “This website will enable us to reach a broader audience and to highlight the advanced technologies and services COMPTEL members and the entire competitive communications industry bring to both residential and business consumers. We look forward to working with our entire membership as we continue to advocate for the preservation of competition and consumer choice.”